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Business Traveling Ergonomic Tips

How To Make Your Business Trip More Efficient, Productive and Enjoyable.


Being called away from home for the sake of your business can be stressful and difficult. But with the application of some good ergonomic systems and organization and with some cool ergonomic gear you can make your business trip efficient and enjoyable.

1. Planning

A little planning can go a long way to reducing errors and stress. If you plan things well enough you might even find time to work in a little fun. Take some time to research before you leave on your trip and it will go much smoother. The essential plans for a business traveler are:

Lodging arrangements - know where you are staying and have the confirmation paperwork on hand.

Travel arrangements - know how you are getting to both the target city and your lodgings.

Business arrangements - know when, where and how you are conducting the business part of the business trip.

Exterior agenda - have some idea of activities or venues worth checking out on your down time. If you have to travel for business you might as well get some benefit from it.

2. Luggage

Luggage is an important item for the business traveler. Having luggage with good ergonomic features can make all the difference. You'll want three pieces of luggage.

First is a main bag that will hold all of your clothes and trip needs. A roller bag with an extend able handle is a must. A bag that can expand to fit those extra souvenirs is a good option to have as well.

Second is a good carry-on bag. Even if you are not flying you'll benefit from a smaller carry-on bag. If you carry a laptop this will serve as your laptop bag. The Bum Back Pack is a versatile carry-on bag with a lot of good ergonomics in the design.

The last piece of luggage is a separate vanity case that will hold and protect all of your toiletries.

3. Compact Packing

Pack light and pack tight. The less you have to carry the better off you'll be. And remember that these people will not see you that often. So if you wear the same pair of pants twice they will never notice.

4. Travel Wallet

If you typically carry a lot of things in your wallet condense it down to a travel wallet. Leave your main wallet at home or in the hotel safe. The same goes for a purse. Traveling with a travel wallet or a purselet lets you travel lighter and safer.

5. Cash

There is nothing more ergonomic than cash. It is accepted everywhere and you should never go on a trip without a few bucks in the local currency.

6. Electronic Wonder Gadgets

I walk around everyday with a map of the world, a compass, a GPS locator, a direct voice communicator,a camera, a restaurant guide, a music player, a video playback device, and a gaming system. It even tells the time. A smart phone like the iPhone can replace a number of ergonomic devices and as long as you bring along the charger it can make your trip a breeze.

7. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

If you are unfamiliar with the area you are visiting then use local transportation. Subways and other forms of public transportation can be an efficient and cost effective means of getting around. And a taxi is better than a GPS because they always know where they are going.

8. Maps

If you do not carry an electronic wonder gadget with a map application then you should carry a paper map. A compass can also come in handy. Nothing ruins a business trip like getting lost.

9. Good Shoes

Most business trips include a good bit of walking. And if you are working a trade show then you will probably be on your feet 12+ hours a day. Good shoes are a must. In fact you should have 2-3 pairs of good walking shoes. Where different shoes everyday to minimize the added stress on your feet. If you are working a trade show then change your shoes every 3-4 hours.

10. Casual Clothes

When business is over put the business attire away. The simple act of putting on some casual clothing can greatly reduce your stress, enhance your mood and get that blood pumping again.
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