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Switching Muscles Keeps Them From Being Worn Out


Here is a novel approach to relieve some repetitive stress on some of those muscles and joints. Don't use the same ones while playing that you do at work. If you split up the stress you will be less likely to overuse something.

Here is a prime example. Most office workers use a computer the majority of their work day. Then they go home and get on a computer and surf the net for awhile. That is a lot of stress.

Try switching your mouse hand at work. If your right handed use your left to operate the mouse. It is not as hard as you think and you will be surprised at the benefits.

Most mouse work does not require fine control. Gross movement of the hand and a click or two is all that is necessary. Your non-dominant hand can provide this with little error.

It may seem strange at first, but developing mouse ambidexterity does not take long. Within two weeks of switch-handed immersion you'll be operating your computer efficiently again. And your wrists should reward you with less pain and stiffness.

If your job requires fine input control, like a CAD operator or Graphic Designer, you may need to look at other options, like using a tablet. Unless you are naturally inclined to ambidexterity, fine motor control is hard to develop in a short time frame on a non-dominant appendage.

You can gain a lot of benefit from this even if you don't get on the computer at home every night. You do so many things with your dominant hand throughout the day that any activities you can let it rest on will help it.

You have a dominant arm, leg and foot as well. It is all part of being a bi-symmetrical being. Try performing other everyday action with the non-dominant appendage. It can be done.

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