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What is a Musculoskeletal Disorder?


Question: What is a Musculoskeletal Disorder?
Answer: A musculoskeletal disorder is a condition where a part of musculoskeletal system is injured over time.

The disorder occurs when the body part is called on to work harder, stretch farther, impact more directly or otherwise function at a greater level then it is prepared for. The immediate impact may be minute, but when it occurs repeatedly the constant trauma cause damage.

The term musculoskeletal disorder identifies a large group of conditions that result from traumatizing the body in either a minute or major way over a period of time. It is the build up of trauma that causes the disorder.

These conditions are often focused on a joint and affect the muscle and bone. However other areas can be strained and their response to that trauma can be an injury.

Some common examples of musculoskeletal disorders are:

The full list of what can be classified as a musculoskeletal disorder is quite extensive.

Other terms used interchangeably with Musculoskeletal Disorder are:

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