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Guide to Setting Up an Ergonomic Computer Station


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The Monitor
Proper Ergonomic Setup of a Computer Monitor

The proper ergonomic setup of a computer monitor.

Chris Adams
There are four areas that a computer user interfaces with: the monitor, the keyboard and mouse, the chair, and the lighting of the environment. Setting up the interfaces with these ergonomic guidelines as well as maintaining a good posture will enhance your comfort and efficiency as well as prevent repetitive stress injuries.

The Monitor

  • Position the monitor to minimize glare by placing it at a right angle to light sources or windows
  • Place the monitor as far away from you as possible while maintaining the ability to read without consciously focusing. Keep a minimum distance of 20 inches.
  • Place the center of the screen at a 15 degree down angle from your eyes with your neck only slightly bent holding your head perpendicular to the floor.
  • Align the monitor and the keyboard / mouse
  • Set the refresh rate at a minimum of 70 Hz to limit flicker

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