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Bialetti Ciocclatiera Hot Chocolate Maker Review

An Ergonomic Review of the Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot

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Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot

Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot

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Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm, hot chocolate is a wonderful drink. But sometimes it can be difficult to make a creamy, delectable liquid morsel of chocolate greatness. Enter the Bialetti Ciocclatiera Electric Hot Chocolate Pot.

This appliance makes quick and easy work of hot chocolate making with the most consistent, high quality results you can imagine. In short it makes the task of hot chocolating an ergonomic dream.

Why Is it Different?

The Bialetti Ciocclatiera Hot Chocolate Maker makes creamy hot chocolate quickly. It takes very little effort from you and the results are consistently high quality. In other words, the chocolate comes out hot, smooth and creamy in minutes.

An additional attachment froths your milk or your hot chocolate for a thick head of foam.

Does it Deliver?

I love the Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot. I don't drink coffee so when I want a warm drink on a cold night my options are limited. As my chocolate tastes have developed, I've also become disinclined to instant mixes. But my hot chocolate pot always delivers.

Simply fill the pot with as much milk as you want, add your chocolate, set the timer and wait. This is the best part, you only have to wait a few minutes (like six of them for 3-4 mugs of hot cocoa). The pot mixes the milk and chocolate while it heats. This is what lets it heat up so fast and so smooth.

Every cup of chocolate comes out smooth and creamy. Think Starbucks level smooth and creamy. That kind of consistency is incredible. And it does not matter what your ingredients are.

When you make hot chocolate on the stove, you whisk your melted chocolate or chocolate shavings into your heated milk. Getting it smooth takes a lot of whisking. This pot takes care of all of that. And you don't need to spend the time shaving your chocolate either.

I've used powdered cocoa, shaved chocolate, chunky chocolate, full size chocolate chips and a chocolate bar broken into just the squares, and the Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker spun it into a rich, creamy and smooth drink. That opens up a lot of options. Pick up a good bittersweet chocolate bar or a bag of quality dark chocolate chips and you are in business.


The Bialetti Ciocclatiera Hot Chocolate Maker can benefit:

  • Non-coffee Drinkers
  • Busy Parents
  • Holiday Entertainers
  • Chocoholics
  • Santa's Elves


I can make great hot chocolate just as fast as instant with my choice of ingredients and with very little effort on my part. I call that ergonomic.

I can use leftover Halloween candy or top-shelf Perugina chocolate bars. I can even throw in a handful of mint leaves while the pot spins my creamy perfection for some added taste. I call that awesome.

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
NOT ergonomic, Member mcgeeke

Although this machine does make delicious hot chocolate, it is difficult to use. The control knob is very smooth and difficult to turn, making it nearly impossible to set accurately. It is also very difficult to turn it off quickly if it happens to overflow, which it did to us when we let it froth a bit too long. Also, the carafe is plastic and the whole thing feels cheap and flimsy. There must be a better product available for this price.

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