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The U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

What You Need to Know About the U-Shaped Kitchen Layout


The U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

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The U-shaped kitchen layout is one of the basic kitchen layouts that decades of ergonomic research developed. The U-shaped kitchen layout is a useful and versatile layout for a small, medium or large kitchen.

A U-shaped kitchen consists of work space on three adjoining walls, two parallel walls perpendicular to a third. There are no traffic lanes flowing through the work area.

The base of the U-shaped kitchen is best when it is 10-18 feet wide.

A U-shaped kitchen can have legs as long as you want. You will need to divide that elongated leg into different work sites for efficient use.

U-Shaped Kitchen Benefits

  • Efficient for a small, medium or large kitchen space
  • Can easily divide the kitchen into multiple work sites
  • No through traffic to disrupt work zones
  • Lots of counter space
  • Wide "U" can support a kitchen island
U-Shaped Kitchen Drawbacks
  • Not efficient for large kitchens without an island
  • Not efficient for kitchens under 10-feet wide
  • Bottom corner cabinets are difficult to access

Placing the Work Triangle

The basic kitchen work triangle is best placed along the base of the "U" unless a kitchen island is present. Then the island should house one of the three elements.

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