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The Galley or Corridor Kitchen Layout Design Elements and Measurements

Tips and Details for Designing an Efficient Galley Kitchen


The Galley or Corridor Kitchen Layout

The Galley or Corridor Kitchen Layout

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The galley or corridor kitchen layout is a standard kitchen layout suitable for small rectangular spaces.

Basic Dimensions

  • A galley kitchen can be any length by dividing the kitchen into multiple work zones
  • The length of a work zone in a galley kitchen (such as the work triangle) should be a maximum of 8 feet
  • The width of a galley kitchen should be between 7 to 12 feet with a minimum of 3 feet between countertops
  • 3 feet between counter tops is tight and is best reserved for single occupancy kitchens
  • 4 to 5 feet between countertops is optimal
Basic Design Elements
  • Countertops
    • Two countertops on opposing walls at the optimal countertop height
    • Countertops should be of relatively equal length for maximum working surface
  • Cabinets
    • Optimal cabinet heights should be used unless special considerations exist
    • Base cabinets should be a minimum of 24-inches deep and posses an adequate toe kick
    • Upper cabinets should be used where additional storage space is needed
    • No upper cabinets should be placed above the sink
  • Work Triangle
    • The traditional kitchen work triangle should be an equilateral triangle
    • It should have one element on one wall roughly centered between the other two elements on the opposite wall
    • A side-by-side refrigerator can be used as the central element
    • A standard refrigerator should only be placed on the wall with two elements
    • The refrigerator's hinge should be placed on the outside corner of the triangle so it can be opened from the center of the triangle
    • If the work triangle is thin, the center element should be placed off center away from the refrigerator to allow more room for it to open
Other Considerations
  • Having the kitchen open at both ends creates a through traffic corridor -- you will need a wider space between counters to avoid congestion
  • Having the kitchen open on one end is the most efficient arrangement for kitchen use
  • Place the sink in front of an window or opening in the wall
  • Ensure you have the proper lighting levels for the task
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