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What is the Optimal Kitchen Upper Cabinet Height?


Single Wall Galley Kitchen

Single Wall Galley Kitchen

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Question: What is the Optimal Kitchen Upper Cabinet Height?
Answer: The most common height for a kitchen's upper cabinet is 4 1/2-feet (54-inches). This gives you adequate working room on your counter top with 18-inches of clearance between the two while still allowing easy access to the cabinets for the average height adult.

A height of 4 1/2-feet is optimal and the most ergonomic height for accessing the upper cabinets for anyone over 4-feet tall. Shorter people might need a step stool to reach the upper portion of the cabinet. Standard upper cabinets are 30-inches tall making the entirety of the cabinet easily accessible for 5-feet 8-inch tall people without a step stool. Cabinet space over 30-inches tall are not readily accessible except for NBA players.

Upper cabinets are typically 12-inches deep. Anything deeper that that makes accessing the rear of the upper shelves more difficult.

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