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Scotch Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser Ergonomic Evaluation

A Complete Ergonomic Review of the Scotch Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser from 3M

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Scotch Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser by 3M

Scotch Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser by 3M

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The Scotch Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser is that extra hand that is needed when wrapping presents. You no longer need to hold the paper with your elbow while fumbling with a tape dispenser so you may secure your perfect crease before it slips. Sure, you can always pre-cut a number of piece of tape and have them ready to go, but then you have to worry about them sticking to each other, picking up dirt and dust, or accidentally grabbing the wrapping paper with its adhesive before you have it i place. And, quite frankly, why would you bother with that when there's ergonomic technology to rescue you.

Why is it Different?

The Scotch Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser is a hand mounted, pre-cut tape dispenser. It gives you the top quality Scotch Gift Wrap Tape (the purple stuff) in two inch strips with a simple tug. It places tape literally at your finger tips, which is a plus when both hands are occupied folding and holding paper around a present.

Does it Deliver?

Yes it works like it is supposed to. It actually works a little better than you might think. The instructions call for a quick tug to free the tape piece. Even a slow tug will work. Once loaded the tape dispenser is practically full proof.

Loading the pre-cut tape stacks is easy. Iconography on the dispenser illustrates which side slides open and the form factor provides a grip to slide the panel with. You can not mis-load the tape stack.

The tag of tape that sticks out for you to grab is always consistent and it is of sufficient size to firmly grab no matter how clumsy your fingers are. The area on the dispenser surrounding the tag is textured. This prevents the tape from sticking to it securely when the tag is knocked over a pressed down onto the dispenser. It is easy to pick up and pull from this surface.

The elastic band that holds the dispenser to your hand is the only sore spot. It is a little tight for the larger hand. It will fit comfortably on most women and about 75% of most men. It is still usable by the largest of hands, but wearing it for extended periods of time might cause cramping. Placing it on your wrist may be a better idea in this situation.


Anyone who needs tape while having at least one hand occupied will benefit from the Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser. Some groups that are affected are:

  • Gift Wrappers
  • Christmas Charity Gift Wrap Volunteers
  • Courtesy Clerks who Wrap Store Purchases
  • Practitioners of Paper Crafts
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Sufferers (each piece of tape is the same size)


The Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser is a great little gadget. It improves the ergonomics of gift wrapping by placing the tape at the point of use, your fingertips. It is ready to use with a much simpler motion, a quick tug as opposed to a pull and tear. And it is pre-cut to an appropriate and useful size.

If you find your gift wrapping is stressful, are always fighting with the tape dispenser, or are tired of seeing your perfect seems and creases slipping before they are affixed, then the Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser is an innovation that will fulfill your task requirements.

For more information on the ergonomics of the Scotch Pop-up GiftWrap Tape Dispenser from 3M read page 2: The Ergonomic Breakdown.

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