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Eye Strain Essentials

What You Need to Know About Eyestrain


Eye strain can make an otherwise delightful day an odyssey of pain and problems. It can destroy your peace of mind and derail your productivity. And even more so, you may never realize that all your problems are coming from those little windows to your souls.

What is Eye Strain?

Eye strain is seriously debilitating. But it is also tricky, since you might not realize that all your pain and discomfort are coming from eye strain. But what exactly is eye strain?

Who is at Risk for Eye Strain

Almost anyone can and will suffer from eye strain sometime in their life. But some of you are at higher risk to suffer from chronic or recurring eye strain. Those who are at risk for eye strain should practice prevention.

When to See a Doctor for Eye Strain

Eye strain can be a mild annoyance or a debilitating, mind-sapping experience. It can occur sporadically or quite regularly. But when should you consider it serious enough to see a doctor for your eye strain?

Symptoms of Eye Strain

How do you know if you are suffering from eye strain? That is one of the tricky things about it. You can experience headaches, itchy eyes, even nausea, all because of eye strain.

Causes of Eye Strain

You have two different kinds of causes of eye strain. At one level, you have the actual cause, which is the anatomical effect on the eye muscles. At the next level, you have the more practical causes of eye strain -- what actions you are doing that are resulting in straining your eyes.

Diagnosing Eye Strain

So if you have a huge list of possible systems and causes, how do you diagnose eye strain? Especially if the strain is relieved before you get to your eye doctor. Keeping good records of when you suffer from eye strain and what might have caused it is a good start.

Relieving Eye Strain

If you are battling a bout of eye strain, you can ease the pain. By relaxing your eye muscles, you can relieve your eye strain.

Treating Eye Strain

If you are suffering from chronic eye strain, you probably want it to stop. You can treat eye strain in a number of ways.

Preventing Eye Strain

The best way to treat eye strain is to prevent it before it occurs. With some good ergonomic practices and equipment, as well as some exercises, you can prevent a lot of what strains your eyes.

How to Soothe Your Eyes

Whether it is for prevention or treatment, it is worthwhile to learn how to soothe your eyes. Not only can it ease your pain and discomfort while under a bout of eye strain, it can also help you relax, de-stress and re-focus under other circumstances.

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