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Treating Eye Strain

Ways to Treat Eye Strain


Eye strain can be difficult to treat since you have to use your eyes constantly. To add even more difficulty, all the eye muscles involved are internal and difficult to isolate. But you can treat the symptoms of eye strain and improve your eyes to help prevent eye strain.


The best way to treat eye strain is to prevent eye strain in the first place. Understanding the causes of eye strain and how to counteract them will go a long way towards prevention.

Vision Correction

Perhaps the easiest way to treat eye strain is by correcting your vision. Either through surgery or the use of corrective lenses, instantly improved vision should be at the top of every one’s list. If your natural vision is off, your eyes have to work harder to focus. By enhancing your vision, you can take an immense amount of constant stress off your eyes.

So make an appointment with your optician and use technology to help you see the light. After all, glasses are some of the most ergonomic devices around.

Soothe Your Eyes

During a bout with eye strain, soothing your eyes can provide some immediate relief and reduce some of the accumulated strain. As a regular course of treatment, an eye-soothing regimen can help you cure more serious and chronic eye strain. Many standard beauty tips for reducing puffy or baggy eyes work well. In a pinch, you can also just close your eyes for a while. A nap works wonders.

Train Your Eyes

Like most other repetitive stress injuries, exercising the muscles involved will help you deal with the repetitive nature of the injury and increase the threshold of how much stress you can take before it becomes an injury. Your eyes will also work better. Since all of the muscles involved are internal and hard to isolate, exercising them can be difficult.

Eye exercises fall into two categories -- relaxation and strengthening. Both techniques are important. Just like stretching, relaxing the eyes is important for their health and effectiveness. Likewise, strengthening your eyes will give you increased capability to handle all the stress your eyes have to handle.

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