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Ergonomics for the Aging

Are you getting older? Are having a little difficulty getting your body to work as well as it use too? As the body ages it needs special ergonomic considerations. Here we will discuss those needs and how to adjust your environment to aid your aging body.
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Ergonomic Needs for the Aging
The top 10 ergonomic considerations and changes needed for the aging person.

How to Avoid Common Bone, Joint and Muscle Problems in Older Athletes.
Aging athletes require tailored exercise regimen to avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Ergonomics and the Elderly
A look at some of the physical limitations which affect the elderly.

Workplace Ergonomics for the Elderly
A series of ergonomic modifications to accomodate the elderly in the workplace.

Health Care Ergonomics for the Elderly
Ergonomics for the health care environment in support of the elderly.

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