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Flip Fold Shirt and Laundry Folding Board

An Ergonomic Review of the FlipFold Shirt and Laundry Folding Board

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FlipFold Laundry Folding Board

FlipFold Laundry Folding Board

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The FlipFold Shirt and Laundry Folding Board is a great ergonomic device that makes consistently folding your laundry quick and easy. Designed by a mother looking for a way to get her kids to fold their laundry nicely, the FlipFold makes this task a breeze and the results are fantastic.

Why Is it Different?

Unlike the traditional folding board (an essential laundry aid for perfect folding), the FlipFold folds around the clothes instead of the clothes folding around the board. The FlipFold is a hinged folding board. You put your piece of clothing on it. Then you flip the panels in sequence. The result is a perfectly folded shirt (or pants...or towel...etc.).

Even better is that every article of clothing is consistently folded to the same size which greatly enhances your organization. Not to mention it makes everything look nice and neat.

Does it Deliver?

The FlipFold does deliver. Just because this thing was sold through infomercials doesn't mean it is a gimmick. It is a well designed and well constructed tool.

The attention to detail improves the utility of the FlipFold. There are holes in all the panels so air doesn't get trapped and cause the clothing to move during folding. Rubber feet gives it a secure footing on the counter top. And the board will fold up flat no matter which way you fold it.

It can fold short and long-sleeve shirts (with or without collars), pants and towels. Everything looks great coming off the FlipFold and I no longer have to worry about a big crease in the middle of my shirt because I'm to lazy to fold it nicely.


The FlipFold can benefit any one who wears clothing (sorry nudists), including:

  • Working Parents
  • Maids
  • Laundry Owners
  • Children Who Hate There Chores


The FlipFold provides some great ergonomic benefits to your laundering tasks. It saves time and improves the consistency of your folding. Your clothes will have less wrinkles and they will be easier to store.

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