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A lot of products tout their "ergonomic" design, but what does that really mean? There are no regulations that govern the use of the term "ergonomics" in product marketing. It could be ergonomic just because the handle is curved, the base is padded or the marketing person is persistent. Here, we break down not only what is ergonomic, but why, and will it be ergonomic for you.
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Electronic Gadgets

Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

Electronic gadgets are always looking to improve usability, enhance their form factor, and generally make life more ergonomic. However, new technology often falls into the trap of trying a new feature just because it is now capable of doing so -- not because it can do so very efficiently. Let us be on our ergonomic gaurd while still embracing the inner tech geek in us all.

Computer Gear

We spend so much time at computers nowdays that we really need to watch our ergonomics while using them. Look around. If you're sitting at a computer reading this, I'm talking to you. [p]We use computers for work and for play. Let's make sure we use them correctly so we don't waste too much time or develop a repetitive stress injury along the way.

Office Supplies

Ergo Sof Penagain In

The office is a dangerous place. Repetitive tasks and stationary activities are no good on a body -- or mind, for that matter. But with the right ergonomic equipment, you might find that the office can be a fun and cool place to be. That might be a stretch, but it can be a lot more comfortable while you slave away in cubeland.

School Supplies

Ergonomic School Supplies - Chris Adams, copywrite 2007, Licensed to About.com

Children live in an adult-sized world. Their bodies have to constantly battle to adjust, not to mention all the stress that growing puts on them. Good ergonomic gear is one way to give them a helping hand in that endless struggle to fit in -- physically, that is.

Kitchen Gadgets

Eggcurate Digital Kitchen Scale

Next to the office, and maybe the couch, the kitchen is where you do most of your work throughout the day. Having some niffty ergonomic gear can sure make things a lot easier.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Sublime Imprint Anti-Fatigue Mat

Walking and standing on hard surfaces puts a lot of strain on your body. So you put down a floor mat. But is it the right one? Anti-Fatigue Mats are some of the most useful ergonomic equipment around and there are ones designed for the kitchen, garage, industrial line, heck, even the laundry room.

Lawn & Garden Tools

Ergonomic Gardening - 2006, Chris Adams, licensed to About.com

I have always wondered if a green thumb was an ergonomic tool or a repetitive stress injury. But that is a debate for another day. The truth of the matter is that good tools make all the difference. And a good ergonomic tool can make your horticultural hobby or landscaping livelihood so much easier to accomplish.

Fitness Gear

If you are going through the trouble of working out you might as well have the best gear to support that endeavor. Ergonomic fitness gear will help you prevent injury and get the most out of your workout.

Ergonomic Food

Hershey Kisses Unwrapped

Yes food can be ergonomic. Usually you will see it as a marketing gimmick, but it can make a difference during meal time. And it's kind of cool.

Home Improvement Tools

Whether you are a professional carpenter, a weekend woodworker or an avid DIYer, the usability of your tools is paramount to producing a quality and accuracy in your finished product.

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