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Using ergonomic gear is not always enough. To get the full benefit of ergonomics, your environment and systems need to be ergonomic. Learning how to apply good ergonomic practices to your life will let you get the most out of it.
  1. Working With Computers
  2. Ergonomize Your Surroundings
  3. Educational Resources
  4. Resources for Ergonomic Professionals

Working With Computers

Computers are supposed to enhance our productivity. And they do -- sometimes. Ergonomics can enhance that productivity even further and ward off the repetitive stress inherent in modern computer design.

Ergonomize Your Surroundings

You would be surprised by how much your surrounding environment affects your mood, energy level, moral, productivity, etc. Lighting, temperature, color, sound, organization -- these factors and more can have a direct impact on how you work and how you feel while you do. Applying good ergonomic practices to your environment can be the key to your comfort, efficiency and productivity.

Educational Resources

In my opinion, teaching ergonomics may be one of the greatest impacts you can make on someone's life. Here are some of the most important ergonomic lessons to teach and learn.

Resources for Ergonomic Professionals

Looking for some pro-level resources? Want to know what ergonomists and human factors engineers do? Get the in-depth information you need.

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