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Ergonomic Basics

Want to know more about ergonomics, what it is and how it benefits you? Here we will discuss basic ergonomic principles and how they are used to design products and environments that improve your quality of life.
  1. Ergonomic Analysis Tools (5)
  2. Ergonomic Resources (4)
  3. Habits (4)
  4. Human Factors (9)
  5. Lighting (6)
  6. Multitasking (5)
  7. Sleep and Ergonomics (11)

What is Ergonomics?
Finally and answer to that burning question, "What is Ergonomics?"

What is Personal Ergonomics?
The Concept of Ergonomics for Individual Performance

The Key Elements of Personal Ergonomics
The Core Components of Your Individual Performance Drivers

How is Ergonomics Related to Human Factors
An explanation of how ergonomics and Human Factors are related to each other.

What is Good Posture?
Explaining good posture.

What is Human Error?
Explaining what is human error.

What Contributes to Human Error?
Explaining the factors that contribute to human error.

What is Working Memory?
An explanation of the concept of working memory.

How Does Working Memory Relate to Ergonomics?
How ergonomics relates to working memory.

What is Organizational Ergonomics?
An explanation of Organizational ergonomics.

What is Physical Ergonomics?
An explanation of Physical ergonomics.

What is Cognitive Ergonomics?
An explanation of cognitive ergonomics.

What is Usability?
Explaining usability and how it relates to ergonomics.

What is Aptitude?
An explanation of aptitude.

Are Ergonomics Worth the Cost?
Weighing the Benefits of Ergonomics Against the Costs

Learning Good Ergonomic Through Bad Design
Learning about good ergonomics by analyzing the problems with bad designs.

The Benefits of Ergonomics: Time Savings
Using good ergonomic practices or good ergonomic tools can almost always save you some time.

The Benefits of Ergonomics: Improving Communication
Using good ergonomics when designing a product, setting or system will help any user understand how to use it better.

The Personal Nature of Ergonomics
Good ergonomic tools and procedures are personal and custom fit to the user.

What is Anthropometry?
An explanation of anthropometry.

What is the Hawthorne Effect?
A simple explanation of the Hawthorne effect.

What are Body Mechanics?
An explanation of body mechanics.

What is Human Performance?
An explanation of human performance.

What is a Human's Cognitive Capability?
An explanation of a human's cognitive capability.

What is a Human's Psychological Makeup for Human Factors?
An explanation of a human's psychological makeup for human factors.

The Use of Color in Ergonomics
How The Psychological and Cultural Aspects of Color Impact Design Communication

Using a Visual Pain Scale
Instructions on how to use a visual pain scale.

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