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What are Computer Glasses?


Question: What are Computer Glasses?
I've seen some of my colleagues wearing some funky yellow glasses at their desk. They say they help their eyes when working on the computer. What are computer glasses and do they really work?
Answer: Computer glasses are eye glasses that have a special lenses designed to reduce the strain on your eyes when staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods of time. A lot of computer glasses have a yellow tint to them, though that is not the only color around, that reduces glare. Other advances in lens technology have led to some high-quality computer glasses that significantly reduce your eye strain and help prevent Computer Vision Syndrome.

Computer glasses are prescribed by your eye doctor. The lenses will be ground to your corrective prescription. If you don't wear corrective lenses computer glasses are still just as beneficial and you should consult your eye doctor about them if you are having trouble with your eyes from computer use.

Computer glasses can also be of aid in other high glare situations like driving at night.

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