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Ergonomic Tips and Tricks for Christmas Gift Wrapping


Ho, ho, ho and hum, hum, hum,
It's time to sit on my bum
And wrap presents till I go numb.

So goes that great holiday classic called the Gift Wrap Rap.

Seriously, wrapping piles of presents can strain your body and Christmas cheer. Never fear for I was visited by the Spirit of Christmas Ergonomics and these ergonomic tips for dealing with Christmas presents were delivered unto me.

1. An Ergonomic Look at Why We Wrap Gifts

We can make present problems much more manageable if we answer the three big questions.

Question #1 - Why do we wrap presents?

Understanding the why gives us insight into the task. You may think you know why you are wrapping presents, but you may be mistaken. Understanding why shows us what we need to do to satisfy the reasons behind the "why".

2. Understanding the Unwrapping Needs of Your End User

Question #2 - Who are we wrapping presents for?

Next you need to know who you are wrapping for. It is not very ergonomic if you can't unwrap it easily. And some of your recipients may have special needs that should be addressed. You would be remised if you gave someone a present and they couldn't open it.

3. An Ergonomic Gross Task Analysis on Wrapping a Present

Question #3 - How do you wrap a present?

By answering questions 1 and 2 you can now devise a way wrap a gift that works for all the important elements. It will look good, arouse curiosity and be easy to get to when the time comes.

Ergonomics breaks the how down into steps in a task analysis.

4. Using the Proper Gift Wrapping Posture

You will not enjoy wrapping presents if you are uncomfortable. And let's face it. You have quite a stack to wrap so you better get comfy. Make sure you maintain a good posture while wrapping presents or you'll soon be doing your imitation of Scrooge.

5. Ergonomic Gift Wrapping Worksite Setup

Your worksite is just as important to maintaining the holiday spirit during gift wrapping as a good posture is. Set up an ergonomic worksite that gives you room to work, keeps your tools at hand and won't kill your body. Some hot cocoa and cookies help, too.

6. Ergonomic Gift Wrapping Tools

Tools don't have to be some weird shape or have some marketing gimmick to be ergonomic. Having the right tool for the job is usually enough. Do you know what the right tool for the job is?

Those of you looking for something cool, don't worry there are some funky ergonomic tools out there.

7. Ergonomic Tips for Dealing with Piles of Presents

There is more to dealing with presents than just wrapping them. How do you store them? How do you stack them? How do you know whose is whose? What do you do with all you wrapping supplies when you are done.

All good questions, and all have an ergonomic answer.

8. Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injuries When Gift Wrapping

In order to keep the Christmas cheer pumping you have to stay healthy. Ergonomic can't ward off a Christmas cold, but it can help prevent repetitive stress injuries. They'll turn you into the Grinch quicker than a Christmas stocking three sizes to small
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