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Ever-Green Seasons Christmas Tree Watering System

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The Bottom Line

If you are tired of watering your Christmas tree everyday and getting pocked in the eye with needles while you maneuver a watering can to the stand, then the Ever-Green Seasons Watering System may be what you are looking for. This nifty little water reservoir transfers water to the Christmas tree stand through a plastic hose, letting you water the tree from outside the circumference of the branches. It also happens to look like a present, so it blends in nicely. The reservoir also holds a couple of gallons of water so you will not have to water your tree as often.
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  • Reduces Christmas tree watering frequency
  • Keeps Christmas tree healthier
  • The system is camouflaged with other presents
  • Reduces the risk of a Christmas tree fire
  • Large mouth reservoir reduces drips and splashes


  • Still have to bring a bucket of water close to all that pretty paper
  • Leak detections may be difficult


  • A large reservoir provides a couple of days worth of water for the average Christmas tree.
  • A constant supply of water keeps the Christmas tree healthier and greener.
  • The reservoir looks like a present and even has ribbon and a bow.
  • By keeping the tree wet it will not dry out as fast, thereby reducing the risk of a Christmas tree fire.
  • The large size of the reservoir does make it less likely to spill or splash water while filling it.
  • The standard hose lets you avoid the branches, but you still have to worry about watering the presents.
  • The system is designed to be hidden so detecting leaks may be difficult until it is to late. But is really shouldn't leak.

Guide Review - Ever-Green Seasons Christmas Tree Watering System

The Ever-Green Seasons Watering System is a 2-gallon water reservoir for your Christmas tree that looks like a present, complete with a bow. A plastic tube runs from the bottom of the reservoir to your Christmas tree stand. Physics does the rest by keeping the water level in both the stand and the reservoir equal.

So basically you water your Christmas tree without having to crawl underneath the branches. A 3-foot tube is included, but it is a standard tube found at the hardware store so you could replace it with a longer one if you needed to.

You just pop the top off a fill it with a gallon or two of water. Check the water level every day or so, especially with a fresh cut tree. A Christmas tree can drink a couple of gallons of water a day for the first few days after you cut it (including when they cut an inch off the bottom for you at the Christmas tree place). A well-watered Christmas tree lasts longer and reduces the risk of fire.

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