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Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand

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Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand

Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand

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The Bottom Line

The Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand is my top choice for holding my Christmas Trees. I haven't found a better stand yet.


  • The Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand has a wide base supports big and tall trees stability.
  • Four stabilizer arms securely hold the tree.
  • Centering pin takes the hassle out of aligning your tree.
  • Extra large reservoir supplies water for large trees.


  • The Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand may be hard to find locally, but is available online.


  • A large, wide, strong base can easily and safely support large trees.
  • Stabilizer arms make for a rock solid tree support.
  • A centering pin attached to the bottom of the tree makes aligning the tree a snap.
  • A large volume reservoir provides plenty of water for a thirsty tree.
  • Availability may be suspect, but the Standtastic is available online directly from the manufacturer.

Guide Review - Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand

The Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand is quite possibly the most ergonomic (also making it the best) Christmas tree stand available.

The Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand does not rely on bolts to both hold and straighten your Christmas tree. It uses 4 adjustable arms and a centering pin to get the job done quickly and accurately. No more time spent twisting those little "L" shaped bolts with your head stuck underneath the branches while someone yells out how far the tree is leaning and if it is centered.

The Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand consists of three main parts: the base, the centering pin, and the arms.

The base is a large plastic reservoir that holds gallons of water therefore keeping your tree nice and moist and reducing fire concerns. It is also really wide so it can hold a large tree stable. It has a recess in the center that receives the centering pin ensuring your tree is aligned without any hassle.

The centering pin gets screwed to the bottom of the Christmas tree trunk, in the center. Then you pick up the tree and set the centering pin into the recess in the base.

The four arms are attached to the base with a sliding bolt so they adjust easily to different size tree trunks. And they are screwed into the tree itself for a very stable connection. So once the tree is set in the base you have some one hold it straight, you pivot the arms into place, tighten the sliding bolts and screw them into the tree trunk.

There, your Christmas tree is centered and straightened in a secure base in less than 3 minutes. If that's not some ergonomic time savings during the holiday's then I don't know what is.

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