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Snapware Snap 'N Stack Christmas Storage Containers

Ergonomic Review of Snapware Snap 'N Stack Christmas Storage Containers

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Snapware Snap 'N Stack Christmas Storage Containers

Snapware Snap 'N Stack Christmas Storage Containers

Courtesy of Snapware
The Snapware Snap 'N Stack Christmas storage containers help bring a sense of order and efficiency to an otherwise chaotic time of year. These tough and durable containers improve the ergonomics of your Christmas preparations and yearly stowage tasks.

Why Is it Different?

The Snapware Snap 'N Stack provide two major benefits with their design. First, these Christmas storage containers support specific needs related to Christmas specific tasks. There are containers to hold seasonal craft supplies, wrapping needs, organize and dispense ribbons, and store ornaments safely.

Second, they are stack-able and lock together in the stack. You can make the stack as tall as you want, lock all the trays together and then top it off with a lid. This makes storing and accessing your Christmas goodies quick and efficient (a.k.a. ergonomic).

Does it Deliver?

The Snapware Snap 'N Stack provide accessible and efficient storage in a convenient, stack-able system. They are tough enough to protect your delicate Christmas decorations. They are transparent so you can see what tray you need to access. And they are specialized for the storage needs of the holiday season. I say that delivers.

The locking mechanism is solid, but not difficult to engage. It won't wear out fast either. The lids with handles are equally durable and their green and red color easily identify them as Christmas related. You should be able to get quite a few decades of use out of these containers.


The Snapware Snap 'N Stack can benefit:

  • The wife who likes to keep tons of Christmas nick-nacks
  • The husband who has to haul all that stuff in and out of the attic
  • The energetic present wrapper
  • The seasonal crafter
  • Santa's elves


Boxes are great ergonomic tools, but they have limitations. Without an X-ray machine you can't see what is in them and you have to dig through them to get the piece you want. The Snapware Snap 'N Stack solve these limitations.

The clear plastic lets you see the contents. Then the stack-able tray design allows for quick accessibility and organization. The locking mechanism still lets you treat the stack as a "box" for storage with a built in handle. And with the Snap 'N Stack options available you can get one to fill just about any seasonal storage need.

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