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How to Properly Adjust the Driver's Seat


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Leg Room
Driver's Seat Adjustment - Leg Room

Driver's Seat Adjustment - Leg Room

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Adjusting the Driver's seat in your car for proper leg room is rather easy. Your legs should not be scrunched up, nor should you have to reach with them to use the pedals. Slide the seat so that you can operate the pedals with just your foot and your thigh is relaxed and supported. You should also be able to pick up your foot when operating the pedals without any discomfort.

Your knees should be slightly bent. Locking your knees can cause reduced circulation and may lead to you becoming woozy or even passing out.

Your legs and pelvis should have ample ability to move and shift position without detracting from your driving. This will relieve pressure points and keep blood circulating during long drives. Staying in a cramped position for too long may lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis.

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