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Pink Pearl Eraser Ergonomic Review

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Pink Pearl Eraser

Pink Pearl Eraser

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The Bottom Line

The Pink Pearl eraser is an oldie but a goodie, and it deserves an ergonomic review.

This product is a prime example of how good ergonomics can withstand the test of time. Not only is the eraser a great product, but the form factor is top notch. It just goes to show that you don't have to mess with a good thing.

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  • Thoroughly removes pencil marks
  • Nonabrasive -- it won't tear your paper to shreds
  • Bar shape allows for erasing large areas or small details
  • Comes in a pencil cap version
  • Cheap and good


  • May not remove all marks from softer paper (like drawing paper)
  • It is hard to erase small details once corners are rounded over


  • The Pink Pearl eraser sacrifices itself to thoroughly remove your unwanted graphite.
  • By crumbling away during use, the Pink Pearl erases without damaging your paper.
  • A wide, chisel-edged shape gives you great versatility to meet your erasing needs.
  • You can also get the Pink Pearl in a cap form that fits on the end of your pencil, if you only want to carry one item.
  • The Pink Pearl eraser is down right cheap. You can't beat the cost per use either.
  • If you are needing some advanced erasing for an art project, the Pink Pearl may be a little lacking. Try a specialty eraser.
  • Rounding the corners with use hurts the ergonomics of the Pink Pearl. However a quick cut can create a new chiseled edge.

Guide Review - Pink Pearl Eraser Ergonomic Review

It seems that as long as there has been a school house, there has been a Pink Pearl. Okay, maybe not quite that long. But the Pink Pearl by Papermate has established itself as a standard for correcting those pesky pencil marks.

The Pink Pearl is not only a good eraser (the crumbling, non-marring, graphite-removing wonder is something to behold), but it has great ergonomics as well. When they designed this product, they definitely had usability in mind.

The size of the eraser makes it easy to use whether it is in the hands of a 5-year-old or a 50-year-old. And the shape is genius in simplicity. You have a broad side for erasing big areas, a thin side for smaller areas or when you need to apply more pressure, and two chiseled edges for minor corrections.

For general purpose erasing, you can't beat the Pink Pearl Eraser.

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