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Superfeet Insoles Product Review

Review of the Superfeet Insole

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The Superfeet are premium foot bed replacements, or insoles, for your shoes. Most shoes, even the really good ones, do not have a good, ergonomic foot bed. It is usually just a shaped piece of padding that covers the construction of the sole. Superfeet changes that.

The Superfeet Insoles are designed to replace the insole that comes with your shoe, and at the same time improve it. It provides positive support for your feet. And your feet then pass the benefit up the body easing strain on the legs, hips and back.

Why is it Different?

Superfeet are different from most insoles because they are firm, not soft and cushy. And that makes a world of difference.

A pillow is nice to lay on when you are relaxing. It is not that nice to walk on. So why would you put a pillow inside your shoe? Instead the Superfeet provide firm arch support and a deep heel cup.

The arch support helps keep the stress on the foot even over the entire foot and transition that force up through the body. The heel cup (and other support formations on the insole) help correct your heel strike when you walk. A good heel strike improves your balance and eases the stress on your legs, hips and back.

Does it Deliver?

Looking at them you might not think the Superfeet are anything special, but they deliver in spades. The support they provide make everything feel better, whether you are hiking on rocks or standing on concrete all day.

It took me a few weeks to get use to them. In fact my feet hurt worse for a while. Particularly the insides of the joint for my big toes. The insoles corrected my stride, part of which was how I pushed off with the balls of my feet. I was unaccustomed to pushing off like that and it hurt for a little while. But at the same time the pain in my lower back and calves went away.

Issues like that are bound to happen while adjusting to a new foot strike. That is one of the reasons why Superfeet come with a 60 day return policy.

They helped me so much that I got some for my dad who has similar problems to me. They stopped him from shuffling and his stride is a good eight inches longer with the Superfeet insoles.


If you wear shoes you can benefit from the Superfeet. If you have foot, leg, hip or back problems you can probably benefit from the Superfeet Insoles. Superfeet offers a number of styles customized to various activities to increase the benefit they provide. Some groups that will benefit from these tools are:

  • Walkers/Hikers
  • Station/Assembly Workers
  • Cyclists
  • Skaters
  • Bipedal Mammals


Superfeet insoles are one of the best insoles on the market. If you wear shoes then these are must have ergonomic accessories. Try them for 60 days and you will not walk with out them.
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Most Advanced Insoles, Member robinlow88

The Greenyarn Greenfeet 3 Carbon Fiber Ergonomic Insoles are lightweight and helps in balance in posture. Most insoles have just more cushioning in the heels to absorb shock. And what this does is spread the impact of every step to a bigger area. But no matter how much cushioning, the impact is still in the heel area. With the Greenfeet 3 Carbon Fiber Insole, the Carbon Fiber Spring Arch spreads the impact throughout the arch of the feet, reducing the impact of every step more than any other insoles. This results in faster recovery when you go for a long walk or run. Designed by Kinesiologists and Podiatrists, these insoles give you the perfect arch, giving improved support and balance. The carbon fiber construction gives it a rigid structure and yet allowing it to spring back to its original shape. This ergonomic plate helps with balance and give good support to the feet. For people with narrow feet, the arch makes the shoes fit better and it allows people with flat feet and Hallux Limitus to wear normal shoes. The insoles also contain Poliyou, an open cell foam which is breathable and can retain its shape and cushioning even after prolonged use, high heat and humidity. The top layer of the insoles is made of Eco-fabric -- a nanotechnology fabric which is deodorizing, antibacterial and does not generate static. The materials are not seen in any other insoles in the market, and they are indeed comfortable to wear. It may take a few hours to get used to for some people, but the comfort that follows will be much worth it. The insoles are well made and can be used in many different shoes. The design of these insoles are very innovative as the open cell foam in front can be trimmed to fit any shoe sizes.

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