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Incredible Ice Cream Scoop Ergonomic Review

An Ergonomic Review of the Incredible Ice Cream Scoop

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Wilton’s Incredible Ice Cream Scoop doesn’t just have a catchy name. It is an incredible ice cream scoop. Dishing out frozen desserts like ice cream and sorbet can be difficult. The Incredible Ice Cream Scoop aims to make it easier to delve into the frozen blocks of sweetness without breaking your spoon or your wrist.

Wilton makes some of the best cake and cookie baking and decorating equipment around. So it comes as no surprise that when they turned their attention to serving ice cream that they delivered an ergonomically effective product.

Why Is it Different?

The Incredible Ice Cream Scoop rethinks the basis of an ice cream scoop. It changes it from a spoon to a knife. What makes this scoop incredible is that it is not a tool designed to pick up ice cream. It is a tool designed to slice through it no matter how hard it is.

The leading edge of the Incredible Ice Cream Scoop is a curved knife. It spreads out to two knife points on the edges. A strong handle with a comfortable handle follows. The handle design allows you to leverage a lot of force into the knife edge and slice through your ice cream, forming nice scoops in the process.

Does it Deliver?

The Incredible Ice Cream Scoop delivers on its name just as easily as it delivers scoops of hard frozen ice cream to your bowl.

With the combination of these ergonomic features -- the knife edge, the side knife points, the curvature of the cup, and a form factor that lets you leverage the force from the handle -- you can exert an insane amount of force into your ice cream bucket. For those who feel presentation is just as important as the food, you also have a great deal of control over the scooping.

The grip is reasonably comfortable. Add that to the ease at which you slice through your ice cream, it results in considerably less strain on your hand and wrist.


The Incredible Ice Cream Scoop can benefit anyone who serves ice cream, from the amateur home user to the professional. Others who can benefit from this ergonomic ice cream scoop are:

  • Sorbet servers
  • Parents
  • Dessert caterers
  • Frozen food fanatics
  • The ice cream truck employees


The Incredible Ice Cream Scoop is one of the most ergonomic ice cream scoops on the market. With a novel design, this scoop separates itself from the pack by focusing on the effectiveness of the tool within the ice cream, not merely the comfort in the grip.

A soft silicone handle provides a positive grip and the form factor register’s the pointer and middle fingers so you can use the handle as a lever to from a nice scoop of ice cream.

But it is the scoop’s knife edge that becomes an ice cream cutting blade. No matter how hard the ice cream is, the Incredible Ice Cream Scoop’s stainless steel scoop can cut through it easily. How do I know? Let’s just say it was a fattening usability study.

Note: The Incredible Ice Cream Scoop the knife edge is blunted, making it safe for children.

Whoever thought the ice cream scoop wasn’t worth redesigning has never had to dig out a forgotten gallon of vanilla from the bottom of the freezer and serve it to a house of 5 year olds. Bent spoons, sore wrists and even a few trips to the microwave have been called into service to satisfy such cravings.

The Incredible Ice Cream Scoop is a great ergonomic choice. The only problem is finding it. If online shopping isn’t your thing, keep this in mind: Wilton manufactures cake and cookie decorating equipment. Visit the cake decorating section at your local craft store or bakery supply store to get your hands on it.

For more on the ergonomics of the Bum Back Pack, read The Incredible Ice Cream Scoop Ergonomic Breakdown.

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