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Harmony 880 Ergonomic Evaluation

An Ergonomic Review of the Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

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Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

Logitech Inc.
The Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control by Logitech is an advanced, learning remote. If the infrared (IR) codes are not already known, the 880 can learn them. The 880 has eight customizable buttons with a color LCD screen to complement the labeled buttons.

The 880 is one in a full line of Harmony remotes. The 880 is designed for those with a moderate need for button cusomization. It is also designed for onscreen navigation common with digital cable and DVRs (like Tivo).

Why is it Different?

The Harmony 880 is an ergonomic, learning remote that can control any IR controlled device.

It organizes controls by activities so you can control multiple devices with the press of a single button.

It provides an extensive amount of customization with programmable activities and buttons.

The "Smart State Technology" keeps track of the state of your components making programmable macros intelligent.

An interactive help system can fix just about any problem short of an unplugged TV by answering simple yes and no questions.

A recharging base station provides a home for the remote to return to when not in use and never requires you to replace batteries.

Does it Deliver?

The Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control delivers all it promises.

It can control every IR device you have, no matter how old or new.

The "Activities" menu will be your new favorite. With the press of one button you are now ready to rock no matter how many devices need to be controlled.

The 880 has a color LCD screen with eight buttons. This can be customized and labeled for anything you want. The rest of the buttons can be customized as well. You can map the buttons to act a certain way when in an activity, with some buttons controlling one device and others controlling another.

The Smart State Technology keeps track of your components. So when you press "Watch TV" it knows what to power on, what inputs to change, etc. Then when you want to watch a DVD it'll power on the DVD player but will not toggle the TV power since it is already on.

The help menu is fantastic. Aren't getting the picture you want? The help menu will ask yes and no questions until it fixes the problem.

The recharging base station is a necessity with a color LCD screen. The added benefit of this is that the remote has a home to return to. Once you have managed to train your family the remote will always be within easy reach.


The Harmony 880 can benefit anyone with more than two components in the entertainment center. In fact, the more complex the setup is, the more the Harmony will help. The Harmony's interactive help system also aids the electronically inept spouse or relative. Some groups that are affected are:

  • Home Entertainment Enthusiasts
  • Non-enthused Spouses to Home Entertainment Enthusiasts
  • Those Who Constantly Lose the Remote Control
  • Those Who Only Want to Use One Universal Remote Control
  • Couch Potatoes


The Harmony 880 is a wonderful all in one remote control. It can control every device in your system. Add to that a comfortable form factor, good button layout and button customization and you should be able to find a way to control all those devices ergonomically (i.e. comfortably and efficiently).

The Smart State Technology does a good job of keeping track of what state your components are in. The only time things will get messed up is when someone changes the state manually. But a quick press of the help button will get things back on track.

The software used to program the remote is easy to use as well. Answering simple questions will setup your remote to control things the way you actually use them. The software is also powerful enough to control the newest and oldest components you will have.

The 880 is an excellent universal remote control. Once you program it to work the way you control things it'll will make your couch potato time unbelievably blissful. The only complaint might be that others in the house don't use it the same way you do. Might I suggest personal 880's then?

For more information on the ergonomics of the Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control read page 2: The Ergonomic Breakdown.

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