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Ergonomic Review of the Ergo Sof Penagain

A Complete Ergonomic Review of the Ergo Sof Penagain

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Ergo Sof Penagain In Use

Ergo Sof Penagain In Use

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The Penagain does what no one has been able to do since the world threw away the quill and grabbed a ball point pen. The Penagain quite simply revolutionizes the way you write. The Penagain is a must have for anyone who writes a great deal and is beneficial to the occasional note taker as well.

Why is it Different?

The Penagain takes a novel ergonomic approach to ink pen design. The body of the pen is shaped like a "Y" creating a cradle for the index finger to rest in.

In theory the form factor allows you to use the weight of the hand to provide all the downward pressure needed to mark on the page. This releases your fingers from the need to grip the pen bottom, thereby removing the static stress on the fingers and hand that leads to writer's cramp.

Does it Deliver?

The Penagain delivers again and again and again. The unique cradle design greatly improves writing ergonomics and body mechanics. It reduces fatigue and improves hand posture. It looks rather cool, too.


Anyone who writes can find benefit in using a Penagain. Those who do a lot of manual writing or who tend to suffer from writer's cramp will benefit the most. Some groups that are affected are:

  • Students/Teachers
  • Wait Staff
  • Office Workers
  • Medical Personnel
  • Writers/Journalists


A product has appeal if it can change your life for the better. This product can change the life of our society for the better. It is that good. Its life altering benefits are likely to go unnoticed by most people however. We just do not write that much any more.

If this would have hit the market before the advent of personal computers we would probably name a holiday after it.

For more information on the ergonomics of the Pen Again read page 2: The Ergonomic Breakdown.

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