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Egg-Perfect Egg Timer Ergonomic Review

An Ergonomic Review of the Egg-Perfect Egg Timer

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Egg Perfect Egg Timer

Egg Perfect Egg Timer

Chris Adams, copyright 2008, licensed to About.com
The Egg-Perfect Egg Timer is fantastic. It meets all the requirements to be a phenomenal ergonomic tool. It is intuitively simple to use, extremely accurate, efficient, helpful, foolproof, durable and cheap.

Basically, if you want a hard-boiled egg this thing will give you a perfectly cooked one. It does the same for soft and medium boiled eggs. It doesn’t matter how many eggs you are cooking, what elevation you are cooking or at, or even what temperature the water is. The egg is perfectly cooked without you having to do anything (besides boiling the water and putting the eggs in it).

Why Is it Different?

The Egg-Perfect Egg Timer uses old but nifty technology to produce some “egg-stounding” results. The Egg-Perfect is an egg-sized lump of clear plastic that has a color changing disc in the middle. The color changing disc shrinks when it is heated. In essence the Egg-Perfect is cooked with the eggs and has a graduated scale that shows you how well those eggs are cooked.

Does it Deliver?

Egg Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Egg Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Chris Adams, copyright 2008, licensed to About.com
The Egg-Perfect Egg Timer delivers again and again and again. It is one of the greatest kitchen tools around. Cook it with your eggs and watch the color disc change to indicate how done your eggs are getting. Then let it cool down and it is ready to use again.

It couldn’t be easier or more accurate. The only thing that would make it more ergonomic is if it sounded a buzzer then moved the eggs to an ice bath for you.


The Egg-Perfect Egg Timer benefits egg lovers everywhere. Others who can benefit from this ergonomic egg timer are:

  • Breakfast eaters
  • Teenage chefs learning to cook
  • Egg salad specialists
  • Deviled egg makers
  • Easter bunny


The Egg-Perfect Egg Timer is simple. And it is that simplicity that makes it one of greatest ergonomic kitchen tools. It is truly foolproof. All you have to do is look at it and you know everything you need to know about how to use this tool and what this tool is trying to tell you.

The Egg-Perfect makes boiled egg cooking a breeze. And you get beautiful results as long as you don’t forget the eggs are cooking in the first place. All I have is praise for this thing.

I came across my first one years ago and bought it as a gift for my father who was always lamenting the overcooking of hard boiled eggs. He had nothing but praise for it as well. So I went to pick one up for myself. And that is the problem.

I looked for three years before I came across it again. Then I snatched the last one off of the shelf. Fortunately they can be found at some of the large online retailers if you can’t find them at your local kitchen specialty store.

The Egg-Perfect Egg Timer may also be called the Eggsact Egg Timer, the Egg-Rite Egg Timer of the Foolproof Egg Timer.

For more on the ergonomics of the egg timer, read The Egg-Perfect Egg Timer Ergonomic Breakdown.

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 5 out of 5
Great Kitchen Gem, Member childofgod2911

I love kitchen gadgets, and I have to say that this one is a must. You may have to adjust depending on altitude and such, but I've had mine long enough to work out the little kink. It's a great little gift for anyone who like to cook and especially those who make a lot of deviled eggs, egg salad, etc. Buy one! it's worth it.

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