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Ergonomic Review of the Radius Pro Line of Landscaping Tools

A Complete Ergonomic Review of the NRG Radius Pro Line of Landscaping Tools

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Radius Pro Shovel

Radius Pro Shovel

Photo © Chris Adams
The Radius Pro line of landscaping tools from NRG are fantastic ergonomic tools. The circular handle design at the end of the shaft lets you keep the natural wrist position no matter how you handle the tool. It also increases comfort and strength while using the tools. The innovative design of the tool heads enhances the usability of each tool as well.

Those health and other benefits of ergonomic lawn and garden tools make the Radius Pro line of Landscaping tools worth checking out.

Why is it Different?

The Radius Pro Line of landscaping tools approaches handle design from a new angle, any angle that is. The ergonomic round handle at the end of a short shaft allows you to grip the tool at any comfortable angle while maintaining strength and control with a natural wrist position. Your grip is adjustable throughout your landscaping task without ever having to assume an awkward or weak position.

The steel shaft is strong and is encased is resin giving it a comfortable, slip-resistant grip.

The blades and tool head are pinned on to this universal body giving you a range of tools to use for various landscaping tasks such as:

Does it Deliver?

Radius Pro Off Grip

Radius Pro Off Grip

Photo © Chris Adams
The Radius Pro Line of landscaping tools delivers beautifully. The round handle greatly improves the ergonomics and body mechanics of digging, planting, weeding, edging or any other landscaping chore. It reduces fatigue and improves your posture.

The tools are strong and well made. There is a slight bit of flex where the tool head is pinned to the steel shaft. This might give you a bit of insecurity when first using the tool but do not worry. These tools to more force than a wood handle would have and showed no signs of wear. These are tough tools.

The tool heads are also well made. Forks and blades are sharp and stout and can handle any job you put them to. Good and innovative designs on the tool heads increase their usability as well.

The resin encasing the steel shaft provides a bit of comfort for you grip. It also gives you an anti-slip surface. The biggest problem with these tools is that the grip surface does not extend low enough.

The overall length of the tool is good. But the tool head is too long and the shaft is too short. This results in your balance point being on the tool head and not the shaft. The tool head is smooth without the resin coating and as such your grip can slip.


Anyone who plays in the dirt can benefit from the Radius Garden Pro line of landscaping tools. Those who have weak wrist or suffer from a repetitive stress injury of the wrist or arthritis will find they are not as limited in their gardening. You do not have to be a professional to get the benefit out of these tools, but they are strong enough for the professional to use day in and day out without breaking them. Some groups that will benefit from these tools are:

  • Gardeners
  • Landscapers
  • Nursery Workers
  • Farmers
  • Professional Snow Fort Builders


Radius Pro Weeder in Use

Radius Pro Weeder in Use

Photo © Chris Adams
These tools are top notch. They are quality made products with intelligent design. They should provide years of comfortable and efficient use.

For more information on the ergonomics of the Radius Pro Line of landscaping tools read page 2: The Ergonomic Breakdown of the Radius Pro Line of Landscaping Tools.

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Bends easily, Member DiggingGirl

The tines of this fork bend extremely easily. They don't break but they bend out of place and are very difficult to bend back to their original position. I have owned and used many other forks and this one is by far the weakest. I don't know if the material used for the fork itself is of poor quality or if I came across a manufacturing defect in my fork, but I would caution anyone to consider other options before buying this comparatively expensive and poor quality fork.

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