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The Penagain Twist N Write Pencil in the Hand of a 7 Year Old

The Penagain Twist N Write Pencil in the Hand of a 7 Year Old

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The Penagain Twist N Write is a fantastic pencil for kids. But if you have read my Twist N Write ergonomic evaluation, then you know what I think of it. The question is, what do you think about the Twist N Write?

Terri L.'s Testimonial

My son Ryan was diagnosed with ADHD in October of 2006 when he was 10. I had my suspicions that perhaps he had this disorder but was unable to get his teachers and pediatrician to test and diagnosis the issue. It was not until Ryan’s 4th grade teacher expressed his concern that I was able to have an ally to help me push for the required testing and diagnosis.

Since Ryan was in kindergarten, teachers had constantly complained because he did not hold his pencil correctly and his handwriting was very messy. This has followed him all throughout his school career to date, causing him increased self-consciousness because for him, writing was very laborious.

In my search for knowledge of ADHD I had learned that fine motor control is affected by ADHD. Once we began medication for his ADHD his schoolwork improved, but his handwriting did not because after so many years of holding his pencil wrong, it was second nature for him. Because the ADHD was affecting his fine motor skills involved with his fingers and holding the pencil, he was trying to focus so much on holding the pencil and trying to control his writing that it was taking away from his actual time to write. This was causing him great frustration and anxiety, so timed tests that involved writing sentences and paragraphs were not being completed.

Then one day I was at work and received an Office Depot catalog in the mail. As I was thumbing through it I found your pen advertised in their school supply section of the catalog. I began to wonder if it could help Ryan with his writing difficulties. I knew that his teacher would not allow the use of a pen exclusively in school, so my quest lead me to your website and, much to my joy, your pencil.

The very day I received your pencil Ryan began using it for his summer journal and book report. He was very excited because it was very comfortable for him and as he said “It doesn’t make my hand hurt." He loves his cool “rocket ship pen” and we do not have to really push him to do his writing because he is finding it less laborious to write. He is more relaxed when he writes now and because he does not have to focus on the position of the pencil in his hand, he is able to have the natural flow and control of the pencil.

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