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Uglee Ergonomic Ink Pen Review

A Complete Ergonomic Review of the Uglee Ink Pen

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Uglee Ergonomic Ink Pen

Uglee Ergonomic Ink Pen

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The Uglee ink pen is an ergonomic ball point pen. It has a unique form factor that creates quite an ugly aesthetic, hence the name. But it can help writer's cramp, and persons that have writing difficulty from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other repetitive stress injuries.

Why is it Different?

The Uglee Ink Pen is an ergonomic ink pen which has the lower portion of the barrel covered in a grippy gel. It reminds me of the gel shoes little girls like to wear, but a bit softer. The ribbed and textured form factor provides a great grip surface and the soft gel is easy to hold so it requires very little grip strength to control the pen. Writer's cramp and hand fatigue is greatly reduced.

Does it Deliver?

Yes it delivers. The Uglee ink pen is a good ergonomic ink pen. The ugly grip material is fantastic and the finger tip textured grip edges makes it easy to hold and control.

It uses a standard roller ball refill so you can load it with your favorite ink.

The only drawback is the that it is ugly. But it is oh so functional.


Anyone who writes can find benefit in using an Uglee ergonomic ink pen. Those who do a lot of manual writing or who tend to suffer from writer's cramp will benefit the most. Those who tend to have their pens stolen might enjoy additional benefit. This is not the "cool pen" that walk's off. Some groups that are affected are:

  • Students/Teacher
  • Wait Staff
  • Office Workers
  • Medical Personnel
  • Writers/Journalists


The Uglee ink pen is a very good and very ergonomic ink pen. It is a solid refillable roller ball ink pen with one of the best comfort grips on the market. The finger tip grip material your grip needs and therefor reduces hand fatigue and writer's cramp. It embraces the its ugly nature and so should you. After all a pen is a tool and this tool works exceptionally well.
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