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Scotch Paper Cutter Ergonomic Evaluation

A Complete Ergonomic Review of the Scotch Paper Cutter from 3M

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Scotch Paper Cutter

Scotch Paper Cutter

Chris Adams, 2006, Licensed to About.com
The Scotch Gift Wrap Paper Cutter is a great ergonomic paper cutter. Unlike scissors, the paper cutter uses a single blade to slice through paper with one continuous motion. The blade is protected and the handle is comfortable. Overall the Scotch Gift Wrap Paper Cutter is a great ergonomic tool for slicing paper off a roll or making any other full cut through paper.

Why is it Different?

The Scotch Paper Cutter is a task specific tool. It is designed to cut thin paper in one quick motion.

Does it Deliver?

It Paper Cutter delivers better than you would imagine. It really makes the task of cutting paper easy. Cutting paper off a roll takes a single second and a single motion. Cutting sheets of paper is just as easy.

The cutting blade is encased in plastic guards. It is impossible to cut yourself with the blade. The plastic wings and base that surround the blade also keep the paper taught across the blade which makes cutting even easier.


Anyone who needs to cut paper or wrap gifts. Some groups that are affected are:

  • Gift Wrappers
  • Christmas Charity Gift Wrap Volunteers
  • Scrap-bookers
  • Practitioners of Paper Crafts
  • Parents with little helpers (the cutter is kid friendly)


The Scotch Paper Cutter is a fantastic paper cutter. It will cut gift wrapping, scrap booking and construction/craft paper with ease. It is safe enough for children to use. It has a comfortable grip and a bold color scheme that makes it easy to find in a pile of supplies. The Paper Cutter is a great ergonomic tool that makes the job of cutting paper a breeze.

For more information on the ergonomics of the Scotch Paper Cutter from 3M read page 2: The Ergonomic Breakdown.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
TERRIBLE, Member hollymitchll

I couldn't wait to buy one, so i did. I opened it and used it on maybe, 10 gifts and its already dull.. I am using your normal everyday paper, nothing to thick or textured. Very disappointed..

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