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What Part of the Body Can Bursitis Develop In?

The Parts of the Body Affected by Bursitis


There are many parts of the body that bursitis can affect. You have over 160 bursae throughout your body and an inflammation in any one of those can result in bursitis. However the vast majority of bursitis occurs at the major joints that are prone to repetitive stress or most likely to receive the impact during an injury.

Bursitis most often occurs at the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, buttocks, thigh, knee, ankle, toe or Achilles tendon.

Shoulder bursitis is known for a “painful arc” of movement and, like most repetitive stress injuries, may be referred to by the activity that often causes it. In this case it is referred to as Swimmer’s Shoulder.

Elbow bursitis is commonly known as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, though the manual laborer may develop it from swinging a hammer or digging and lifting repetitively. Gardening may lead to elbow bursitis as well.

Wrist bursitis is commonly just referred to as bursitis and often is developed by people who work with their hands a lot like needle crafters, whittlers, office workers and writers.

Bursitis in the hip, thigh and knee are most common in weight lifters and athletes and people who perform manual lift operations throughout the day. Bursitis of the knee may be referred to as Runner’s Knee. Bursitis in the hip is often related to running, especially distances. And bursitis in the thigh usually occurs from stretching and is of a concern for athletes as well as yoga and Pilates practitioners.

Bursitis of the knee may also develop in people who spend a lot of time on their knees such as roofers and carpet layers. Gardeners are also at risk for bursitis in the knee. If you develop bursitis from kneeling a lot it is often referred to a Clergyman’s Knee since a lot of the clergy develop bursitis in the knee due to frequent praying.

Bursitis of the buttocks can occur through a number of ways. Athletics and manual labor are primary areas but so is prolonged sitting. Whether this is sitting in an office chair all day or the chair of a semi truck, tractor or crane; sitting can result in bursitis of the buttocks. Sitting on hard surfaces causes a higher occurrence of bursitis in the buttocks than sitting on soft, cushy seat.

Knee, ankle and Achilles tendon bursitis are most common in athletes, especially those that run for long distances or change direction frequently. Those who jump and step repetitively are also prone to bursitis in these areas of the body.

Bursitis in the toes usually occurs on the outside of the big toe, called a bunion, or the outside of the little toe, called a bunionette or Tailor’s bunion. Normally bunions and bunionettes develop from sitting cross legged or from shoes or something else pressing the toes inward.

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