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Office Yoga, The Essential 2 Minute Stretch Program - Shoulder ...
An essential stretching program for relieving stress within two minutes. Give your shoulders a good stretch.
Stretches to Reduce Shoulder Pain and Stress Video
Learn these quick and easy moves to lessen the stress and pain in your shoulders and to help prevent shoulder injury.
Shoulder Stretches - How to Stretch Your Shoulders - Walking
Learn how to properly and effectively stretch your shoulders.
Simple Shoulder Stretch for Flexibility - Reduce Shoulder Pain with ...
Learn an easy and simple stretch to increase flexibility and reduce pain and stiffness in the shoulders and upper back.
Physical Therapy - The Towel Shoulder Rotation Stretch
Improve your rotator cuff flexibility and shoulder mobility with this step-by-step guide to the towel shoulder rotation stretch.
Seated Stretch for the Back, Shoulders and Neck
Try this short and gentle routine to stretch the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders.
Exercises for Shoulder Pain - Shoulder Surgery Rehab - Orthopedics
After shoulder injuries and shoulder surgery, some simple exercises can help you make a full recovery. Learn a few shoulder stretches and exercises.
3 Shoulder Stretches On the Exercise Ball - Pilates - About.com
Sep 1, 2014 ... The shoulder stretches and upper back exercises shown here are ideal warm ups for exercise ball workouts. They are also great exercises to ...
Stretches to Reduce and Prevent Neck Pain Video
Isolate the shoulders. Also be aware of your jaw and teeth. If they're crunched together, try to relax them throughout these series of stretches.
Best Stretching Exercises for Office Workers - About.com
If you sit at a desk on a daily basis, these stretches can help you manage stress and tension in the neck, shoulders, back and hips.
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