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Office Yoga, The Essential 2 Minute Stretch Program - Arm and Wrist ...
An essential stretching program for relieving stress within two minutes. A single motion to stretch the upper arm, elbow, forearm and wrist.
Upper Torso and Arm Stretch - Ergonomics - About.com
An essential stretching program for relieving stress within two minutes. Stretch your upper torso, shoulders and arms with one easy motion.
Physical Therapy - The Towel Shoulder Rotation Stretch
Apr 9, 2014 ... The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint that allows you to move your arm in many different directions. Tightness in the shoulder may ...
Arms and Abs Stretch for Runners - Running and Jogging - About.com
May 1, 2014 ... This move is great for stretching your arms and obliques, or side abdominals.
Seated Stretch for the Back, Shoulders and Neck
Try this short and gentle routine to stretch the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. ... Take the right arm straight out in front of you and flex the palm up.
Total Body Stretch - Flexibility Exercises for the Entire Body
This Total Body Stretch will enhance flexibility in all the muscles of the body. ... basic exercises to build flexibility in the chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs.
Stretches to Reduce Shoulder Pain and Stress Video
Video:Stretches to Reduce and Prevent Shoulder Pain ... the floor. We're going to extend the arm up, with the arm and ear are close to each other if not touching.
Stretch Your Wrists to Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel - Healthy Aging
May 13, 2014 ... This week, three times a day, practice these simple stretches for your wrists. ... Stretch: While standing, hold your arms straight out in front of you ...
8 Head-To-Toe Running Stretches - Running and Jogging - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... You use your upper body when you're running, so it's important to stretch your arms when you've finished your run. Here's how to stretch your ...
3 Shoulder Stretches On the Exercise Ball - Pilates - About.com
Keep your right elbow at shoulder height as you use your left hand to pull your right arm across your body. Keep your shoulders even. Enjoy a light stretch ...
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